DoliPOS is now available!!

I have just released the first version of DoliPOS (1.0.1) it is completely free and there will always remain a free version. In the future we will add some additional features that will be delivered with a suscription but our goal is to remain as free as possible.

What does DoliPOS do?
-Create Third Parties: This feature is available in the POS tab, before you add a new order you have to select a Third Party (this is a Dolibarr requirement). But we have noticed that several users tend to duplicate third parties, since this is a Point-of-Sale, it makes no sense (for now) to give this feature if it is not oriented to make a new sale. So the only way the “Create User” is going to be shown is by searching first for it. The option will be at the bottom of the list.
-Create a new Order: This is a Point-of-Sale so this is the main feature, just go to POS tab, select a third party and start configuring and adding the products.
-Printing the Order in a ticket: Actually we are very happy with this feature. If you want to print a ticket you just have to configure an ESC/POS Printer and it will work right away. (We’re currently having a pairing issue in android. we will be solving this in the next few days).
-Manage Third Parties: In the Third Parties tab you can search for third parties, tap on them, and edit their principal setting (We know there are missing a lot of fields, but we wanted to make it easy, so if you have any comments, we will be happy to here from you in the comment section)
-Review Products: Just a quick look and search for products (Currently we don’t have a stock option since it is not supported by Dolibarr out of the box, and we wanted an out-of-the-box solution. we will work on this for future releases. We have to consider developing a Module or make a pull request directly on Dolibarr.
Review Orders: Of course you can review Orders and print them, but only that, not modifying, we think that is a feature that have more sense in a computer.

This is the very first release and we will continue to make better deliveries but we think this is our minimal acceptance product. We hope you enjoy it. We will be making a DoliPOS home page in future days were you can keep track of new releases and also support us 😀

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